Economic development policies in Mexico


  • Keidy Merari Dzib-Che Instituto Tecnológico Superior de Escárcega - México
  • Liliana Ibeth Guzman-Sanchez Instituto Tecnológico Superior de Escárcega - México
  • Felix Alejandra Luna-Medina Instituto Tecnológico Superior de Escárcega - México


economic policies, economy, Banco de México, productive systems, national wealth


Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the global economy has changed, which has led to changes in economic policy causing the closure of companies, which led to the unemployment of thousands of people, this had a great economic impact. Based on this, interventions were carried out to counteract the pandemic for the benefit of the individual and protect the production capacity of companies, safeguarding most jobs. Banco de México has taken measures to maintain the exchange market, these measures are designed to facilitate international trade and investment in a more complex economic environment. The purpose of this essay is to understand the importance of economic development policies in Mexico and that the government takes as principles to increase national wealth and thus activate productive systems for the benefit of the population. This essay was prepared through a documentary investigation where different reliable primary and secondary sources were consulted, such as business magazines, government reports, books, articles, official websites, etc. Economic policies are fundamental because they help each country in its development, they include the actions and decisions taken by the authorities of each country in the context of the economy. Through its intervention, it intends to control the country's economy to provide stability and economic growth, establishing guidelines for its proper functioning.

Author Biographies

Keidy Merari Dzib-Che, Instituto Tecnológico Superior de Escárcega - México

Keidy Merari Dzib Che of 20 years of age student at the Instituto Tecnológico Suerior de Escarcega,of the career in Bachelor of Administration.

Liliana Ibeth Guzman-Sanchez, Instituto Tecnológico Superior de Escárcega - México

Liliana Ibeth Guzman Sanchez student of the Instituto Tecnologico Superior de Escarcega of the fifth semester of the degree in administration. He participated in the third student colloquium in the form of a presentation and is currently participating in the fourth student colloquium CIE-2021.

Felix Alejandra Luna-Medina, Instituto Tecnológico Superior de Escárcega - México

Felix Alejandra Luna Medina, Bachelor of Administration and Finance at the  Autonomous University of Campeche. She is pursuing a Master's program in administrative innovation at the same university. Teacher of the Instituto Tecnológico Superior de Escarcega (ITSE), where he currently teaches courses of Administrative and Economic subjects, has certifications in labor competence standards EC0647 Promote meaningful learning in Higher Education and EC0818 Facilitation of innovation processes for competitive improvement with people, social groups and economic organizations.