Knowledge management and creation of spin off Universidad Técnica de Machala


  • Isabel Ramon-Ramon Universidad Técnica de Machala - Ecuador
  • Carlos Sarmiento-Chugcho Universidad Técnica de Machala - Ecuador
  • Ernesto Felipe Novillo-Maldonado Universidad Técnica de Machala - Ecuador


knowledge management, spin off, third mission, SO, SS


Purpose: The creation of a Spin off is related to knowledge management, a significant factor for any organization, however, few studies have been carried out to investigate the most relevant factors for its creation. Therefore, to respond to the above, in this study, the following factors are explored: Support for spin-offs, Social Capital, Access to university infrastructure, Technology commercialization, Cooperation with companies, Novelty and Support to the research results to the research results.

Participants and methods: An analysis of the data of 514 university professors from Ecuador was carried out. The measurement scale used was that of Mouthinho, Au-Yong-Oliveira, Coelho & Pires Manso, (2017) of 17 items. First, a confirmatory analysis was performed to check the validity of the model. Later the latent variables were imputed. Finally, a logistic regression was carried out in order to predict which would be the factors that would influence the creation of a Spin Off in the next 12 months.

Results: It was found that the factors, SO and SS are significant for the creation of a Spin OFF. The total effect of both variables was significant. The model, with two variables, represented 57.2% of the explained variance, which suggests that the two factors mentioned are the main predictors for the creation of a Spin Off.

Conclusion: SS and SO can help us predict how to create a spin off. The results shown here have implications for future research, both in terms of testing the factors noted in this study, as well as incorporating additional factors.