Use of digital marketing in social networks to find the profile of the consumer


  • Elisa Quishpe-Quinahuano Universidad Tecnológica Indoamérica - Ecuador
  • Nery Mariuxi Silverio-Vásquez Universidad Tecnológica Indoamérica - Ecuador
  • Shaday Ivanova Toral-Ibarra Universidad Tecnológica Indoamérica - Ecuador


foreign languages, learning processes, second language instruction, educational theory, comparative education


In this article aims to adapt the consumer profile to digital marketing because in a globalized era where technology is at the forefront is important to adapt to changes in any field, the use of technology allows companies to develop and grow. To launch a new product or meet a need on the part of consumers, it is necessary to carry out market research that gives me true results in which it shows the reality of the market, thus giving a general vision of reality; After the data obtained from the investigation, it is decided who will buy the product or the service. This is called the consumer profile, which is a group of characteristics that the client must fulfill.
The traditional way of choosing the future client or developing the profile of the consumer is by means of a descriptive investigation where the tastes or preferences are clearly defined, but a turn can be made in which the technology goes hand in hand 91% of people in Ecuador access social networks; most people are connected to their smartphone or computers enter social networks; These can be used as a tool to minimize the search time of the ideal consumer profile. Therefore, digital marketing is used to design a page that is attractive to the consumer that can be located in social networks. Through the reception of the page you will find the ideal consumer, this will be a tool designed to provide real data on the reception of the product, with the results you can obtain the characteristics of age, sex, location, among others of the consumer.
The subject of digital marketing is the projection to the future and of great importance for our descendants, since they will not be slaves of paper and ink of the pen, since the new generations will be lovers of tics, designing models of technological research and so on, creating an identity of the consumer profile in an ethical way, giving an identity to the consumer through the different social networks, committing to the development of a country creating marketing strategies opting for the future client where we want to reach and that is an attraction for the final consume.